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Unusual & Unique Gifts, Beautiful Silver Pagan Jewellery, Crystal Healing, Pagan, Witchcraft and Spiritual Supplies, Lisa Parker Stockist.

Broomsticks, cauldrons, pentagrams and incense, crystals, pagan jewellery, and spell candles i dispense.

Whatever your Pagan or Witchcraft needs don't feel beset; you'll find everything you need at Willows Broom Closet

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Broom Closet

Your guide to: how to smudge, use spell candles, incense guide, crystal healing, moon phases for spell work, meditation help, psychic meditation, tarot Guide, herb guide.


For more information on our solid, sterling silver 925 pagan, wiccan, witch and spiritual jewellery please see our silver jewellery page

Incense Guide


The Green Man Tree Spirit

Crystal Healing and Chakra Guide

Essential Herb Guide


The mundane but essential bits!


Tarot Guide

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