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Broomsticks, cauldrons, pentagrams and incense, crystals, pagan jewellery, and spell candles i dispense.

Whatever your Pagan or Witchcraft needs don't feel beset; you'll find everything you need at Willows Broom Closet

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I have a passion for crystals, their healing abilities and the way they can transform the energy in the places we spend our time in.


I took part in an Aura Healing workshop with Ian Overton at Nottingham's Pagan Pride in 2013. I found this fascinating and have been practising lots!


Having a fondness for pretty, interesting and shiny things ( i think my spirit animal should be a magpie) i decided to build a website selling all of the things i love, use and wear

Kerri @ Willows Broom Closet

with some of my favourite people

Kerri at Willows Broom Closet


Most of the products i sell come with basic guides, but there is more information on my product guide pages and you can always email me!


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I will be increasing my ranges over the next few months. I will be adding more Lisa Parker Products ( because she is fabulous) and extending my Sterling Silver Range.


If you have products you would like me to source or products you would like me sell on your behalf, please get in touch.

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I'm what most would describe as an eclectic pagan. I dont follow a specific path, possibly because i've never liked rules much, or having to have a name for your own path or spiritual journey.


That being said, i practice elements of witchcraft, and whist not being Wiccan, i firmly believe in the Wiccan Rede "An it harm none, do what ye will."

Merry Meet!


I am immensely interested in shamanism, hinduism, greek mythology, Buddhism, Druidry and have friends that follow specific paths. I love learning new things and am forever searching about the secrets this world holds.